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The technical parameters and performance of street lamps, street lamps that rod

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One, street lamp pole:
1, pole material selection of Shanghai Baosteel produced high quality low carbon steelQ235A, silicon content in the steel is less than 0.04%, after the first bending forming largebending machine, straightness error is less than 0.05%, the wind resistant ability of the lamp post at 36.9 meters / second grade 11 or above design, anti seismic intensity of 8 grade.
2, rod assembly on X meters high, diameter of Xmm, the lower diameter of Xmm, wall thickness Xmm. The lamp rod is provided with a flange disc, a flange mounting hole distance is ØX, installed on the foundation through the anchor bolt. (X as a parameter, set by the user or by the company according to the conventional configuration)
3, a lamp post welding method for the automatic submerged arc welding, welding and reliable,smooth surface, no obvious pores, overlap, undercut welding defects, ultrasonic testing,requirements of welding GBl1345 grade II standard.
4, steel anti-corrosion treatment of the inner and outer galvanized, galvanized process after pickling, hot galvanized, washing, phosphating, passivation process, the galvanized layersurface is smooth and beautiful, shiny uniform, wrinkle free skin, sagging and zinc tumor, skin,spots, yin and Yang, surface defects, zinc layer thickness above 86um, in accordance with the national standard GB/T13912-92, galvanized layer adhesive force to meet the requirements of GB2694-88, corrosion life greater than 30 years.
5, a lamp post hot galvanized after electrostatic spray (color can be choice), spray beforescrub to increase the adhesion, strictly control the curing time and temperature of sprayprocess, ensure the plastic layer uniform, smooth, no porosity. Spray layer thickness of 1Ooum, adhesion to achieve the GB9286-880 level, the surface is smooth, the hardness is greater than or equal to 2H.
Two, lamps and lanterns:
1, a lamp body, a lamp cover adopts aluminum alloy die-casting, surface electrostatic sprayprocessing, light structure, corrosion resistance. The lamp casing corrosion properties ofgrade II; protection grade IP65; protection against electric shock level class. Meet the safety requirements of luminaires and "test" (GB7000.1-7000.6) regulations.
2, the reflector adopts the high pure aluminum pressing by anodic oxidation, electrochemical polishing processing, has the characteristics of stable optical performance, high reflectance.
3, the transparent cover adopts the surface of high strength tempered glass, high temperature above 200 degrees, high transmittance, impact resistance.
4, reflector, toughened glass cover and a lamp holder with sealing adhesive into one, an innerchange bubble structure, has the good sealing performance of the sealing ring, high temperature above 250 DEG C, the sealing degree is up to IP66.
Three, electrical appliances:
Using the Shanghai Philips 250W high pressure sodium lamp, ballast, flip flops, capacitorswith Philips, Philips energy-saving lamp. (or the user to choose the other brands)
Four, other technical parameters:
1, the light pole height: + 5%
2, beam arm high (long): + 1%
3, rated working voltage: 220V (effective)
4, rated insulation voltage: 500V (effective)
5, rated frequency: 5OHz
6, insulation resistance: greater than or equal to 5OOMQ
7, can withstand the dielectric strength: AC 5Ohz, 15OV (effective), the test voltage for lminno breakdown or flashover phenomenon
8, the power factor: less is more than or equal to 0.85 CNS
9, lamp protection against electric shock categories: class I
10, connection mode: single phase
11, luminaire efficiency: 75%
12, the protection grade: IP65
13, the reflector material: 3002-0 in high purity aluminum
14, the lampshade material: high transparent and high strong curved toughened glass
15, light distribution curve: the light distribution curve of the airfoil
16 all electric appliances, lamps (ballast, flip flops, capacitors) are installed in the lamp
Five, inspection standard:
Lamp test: the quality management manual, test, test specification and the correspondingnational standard and technical documents.
Lamp test: the GB3037-91 and the corresponding national standard and technicaldocuments.
Six, packaging:
Lamp, lamp packing packing packing woven belt.