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Chinese postal suspected monopoly of Hong Kong and Macao pass express business

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Members of the cppcc:
The introduction of courier companies to break the monopoly
Province this year's "two sessions", Guangdong province CPPCC proposals put forward by He Jingqing "on the handling of the optimization suggestions" private between Hong Kong and Macau Pass, now passes for Hong Kong and Macao, and not to the choice of couriercompanies the power to the people, is the China postal express a monopoly, the absence of competition, not conducive to the service quality and speed.
In addition, He Jingqing said, the processing time of re endorsement although has been very fast, but the speed of the space there. "Now for the commitment of time is 15 working days, in reality, has actually speed up half speed. But according to the endorsement for the process,in the information age today, the examination and approval for compliance with statutoryconditions, can be completed automatically by the computer program, the examination and approval of staff finally checks can be."
He suggested that the Hong Kong and Macao pass mail don't become the industry monopolysupporters, introduce several can provide express service company to mass selection,competition from the price and quality of service, to benefit the masses. At the same time, re endorsement for, from outside the self-service approach, summarize the current network of self application experience, and further optimize the program, thus saving a police force,speed again.