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Yangzhou street to realize intelligent can save energy

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Yangzhou street to realize intelligent can save energy. City sprawl, promoted the development of the transportation industry, but also increases the amount of demand in Yangzhou street,Chinese population have led to the increasing power demand, of course, the increase in Yangzhou street also increased electricity use, this time on the need to Yangzhou street start node can use electricity.
Application of science and technology, the realization of Yangzhou street lamp automatic control, according to the opening and closing time of a year seasonal changes in day and night lamp automatic control, can save manpower and management cost, but also can improve the automation and the purpose of energy saving. Switch the street how to control?Then the controller streetlight installed will play a role, according to different requirements,can be designed for light or lamp control, not only the battery charge and discharge time can be controlled, intensity discharge can be controlled.
Use fixed number of year, Yangzhou Street general settings use period is 15 years, each lamp can save hundreds of dollars per month of electricity, a small city 3000 street lamp, is to save energy cost expenditure of three million yuan. To achieve control of Yangzhou Street automation is the need of social development, is the humanity gradually intelligent trend.
Yangzhou street lamp to realize intelligent switchgear can directly reduce the use amount ofelectricity, but also conforms to the national energy-saving emission reduction policies, then we run Ming photoelectric as Yangzhou street lamp manufacturer, must improve theirproduction technology, and actively with foreign manufacturers, absorbing experience, so as to produce more energy saving and environmental protection Yangzhou street.