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Why the park lawn lamp often appear small fault?

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Why the park lawn lamp often appear as small fault? Task lighting park lawn lamp are widely used in parks, residential lawns, the reason is that the park lawn lamp small, hidden in the grass during the day will not affect the environment, and can act as a lighting at night. But recently the park lawn lamp regularly failure, what is the cause? Xiaobian for you to decrypt!
Supporting project 1, main reason is the park lawn lamp quality but hard, because the lawn lamp cable general shop in landscaping belt. The pavement construction quality is poor, the ground subsidence, the cable force and deformation, resulting in armored cable. Especially in northeast area in the alpine zone, the winter, so that the cable and soil to form a whole, the ground once the settlement will be strained in lawn lamp foundation bottom, and summer rainfor long time, will be in the basic root burn.
Poor quality of construction 2 reasons, the second is the park lawn lamp, due to the quality of construction caused trouble in the proportion of the larger. The first embodiment: one is nocable trench depth, sand cover brick was not carried out in accordance with the standardconstruction; two is the manufacturing and installation of the aisle pipe don't meet the needs of two not according to the standard made horn mouth; three is the pavement cable on the earth when dragged; four is the pipe is not according to the standard need to pre constructionfoundation the first is buried, buried pipe is careful, plus a certain degree of curvature, wear cable when appropriate hard, appear "dead bent" status in the basic bottom line; five is thenose crimp and insulation wrap thickness not, after a long-term operation will phase short circuit.
The above two is the main park lawn lamp has the problem the reason, the main orconstruction does not pay attention to, not seriously specification led to the operation, which requires us to the user to install the production factory in the park lawn lamp to be conscientious and responsible.